Plantation Style Furniture Is Back!

Summer is here and if you are looking at refurbishing your living room or patio, go ahead and choose furniture that is breathable. What can be better than plantation or colonial style furniture to beat the Indian summers in style. Old teak and rosewood frame of the chairs, benches and stools come with cane seating and backrest, and some brands even offer adjustable backs and leg rests. Pair it up with bright cushions in tropical prints or just white for a relaxed seating area… a perfect setting for sultry afternoons or evenings.

Here are some reasons why the plantation style furniture is still a great option:

  • Its earthy & natural look suits most spaces
  • It’s breathable
  • It’s durable & easy to clean
  • It’s weather resistant
  • Can easily be restored, as the wooden frame is usually strong and durable

In Bangalore, you can get this look at Magari, ‘bent’ by design, The Design Store, Mirador.

Picture courtesy: Magari, Indiranagar, Bangalore

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