The Bubble Studio: Get Natural

As rebellious and fickle youth of the last decade, we often brushed aside home remedies passed on by our mothers, aunts or grandmothers. We would say, “Who’s going to apply turmeric or milk cream on the face? Yuck!!” We diligently bought and used chemical loaded beauty & personal care products, packaged beautifully with the messages that drew us in.

And now as we trickle into the 30+ territory, the mirror reflects the damage caused over the years. And suddenly we realise, “Maybe I should have listened to my mom.” Natural products is gaining importance today. Now, many large companies and some home-based businesses are coming out with skin-care products made from natural ingredients.

Closer to home, I recently had the chance of meeting and interacting with Cooke Town-based Reshma Rithvik, Founder of The Bubble-Studio, that offers a range of home-made bath products. Previously an HR professional, Reshma’s passion for crafting soaps from natural ingredients led her to start The Bubble Studio. From charcoal to oats, honey to tomato, Reshma offers an exciting range for all skin types, all made at home. IT’S ALL NATURAL! The Bubble Studio offers bath soaps, body scrubs, bath salts and body butters for now.

After having tried her turmeric and walnut soap, I realised the benefits of going natural in a week. No dry skin and that awful stretchy feeling. Regular bathing soaps (even the ones which promise 1/4 moisturiser in their soaps) just suck out all moisture from your skin, forcing you to reach out for a bottle of moisturiser immediately after a bath. I also enjoyed the wonderfully fragrant and refreshing Charcoal & Peppermint soap. The Cinnamon & Lavender bath salt, is a great option to use while soaking your feet into a warm water bath after a long tiring day. Instant relaxation!

Although the price points of natural skin-care and bath products are comparatively higher than the conventional soaps, you can be rest assured about quality and doing good to your skin for the longer run. She can also put together an assorted gift hamper, a great gifting idea for this holiday season. To place your order, you can reach Reshma through her Facebook page



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