Hoppipola now in Kammanahalli

IMG_3707Pristine white walls, stained glass doors, a clustered wall of colourful birdhouses, gliders hanging off the ceiling and specks of quirks all around; that pretty much sums up the first look and feel of Hoppipola’s third outlet which stepped into the buzzing neighbourhood of Kammanahalli.

Bustling with college kids, techies and dotted by branded stores, restaurants and pubs, Hoppipola is all set to rake in the moolah by offering a perfect destination for the weekend.

Do more than sipping a drink at this bar. Play board games or the hoppi favourite live-sized Jenga. What’s more, the tables are all actually blackboards, so while one waits for food and mulls over drinks, one may play noughts and crosses or simply doodle all over the table.

Besides cocktails and pub-grub, Hoppipola also offers pastas, pizzas and some interesting mains that will satisfy your hunger pangs. There are fun monthly activities like the ‘Chuggathon’ where the person that drinks a mug of beer the fastest wins free beer for a month. There is also beer pong, mini golf, and Creativity Wednesdays where you can go behind the bar and make your own drinks.

While we were a bit tied down to attend the launch of this latest watering hole, we plan to visit Hoppipola soon. Watch this space for Mixedbox’s review!

Address: 5AC-430, 5th A Cross, Service Road, 4th Floor, 2nd Block, Bangalore 560043



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