Give Weird A Chance @ The Open Box

Science ProjectEverything from the cocktails to starters, decor to memorabilia is completely out-of-the-box at this new gastronomic station in Bengaluru. Located on St. Marks Road, The Open Box is the new laboratory for fusion and flavour in the city. Get your cocktail on the drip! or biryani in a cooker… nothing is restricted at this restaurant. What caught our eye was the focus on fusion in the food & drinks menu. Each dish and cocktail is a conversation starter, presented in the most unusual way. Be sure to savour a burst of flavour, colour and funky elements, not only on our plate but the decor too. Tease your taste buds with the Phirangi pani (Pani Puri with a twist of Avocado Flavour), Hummosa (an exciting glass filled with samosa, hummus and topped with pomegranate) and the Biryani 65. As for the cocktails, we were absolutely surprised with Kid Creme (a whisky cocktail served in a feeding bottle) and the Drip me Tight (Vodka-based cocktail in a drip bag) and Science Project with its dramatic liquid nitrogen effect.

Word of caution: Get a grip on the number of cocktails you sip… or you might end up having a awful morning like my buddies here. 20160701_224117

The Open Box @ 4th Floor, Halcyon Complex, Saint Marks Road, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001.


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