That Comedy Club : Review

A good laugh has a host of benefits attached to it. It buries the miseries at work, the fight with BF and great exercise for the facial muscles. And you can be sure to get all of this at Bengaluru’s first comedy club – That Comedy Club, founded by Sumendra Singh and Adeel KQ. Dedicated to stand up comedy, the club showcases the best comedy talent on offer both local and national. The shows are curated by Daniel Fernandes, popular stand-up comedian and the club’s programming director.

Conveniently located on Church Street, in the premises of Bierre Republic, the audience can also enjoy food & beverages during the show.

That Comedy Club is quick and short getaway from the seriousness in our lives, where everyone in the audience will not only laugh at the jokes but themselves too! A word of caution for all those sitting in the front… you are so going to get busted!!!

The club is open on Saturdays & Sundays between 5 pm to 11:30 pm. Check out their FB page for latest updates and upcoming acts! Keep laughing !!!


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